so there's this boomer guy I know who works as a wedding photographer but due to covid he hasn't been able to make any money at all since nobody is getting married

as long as I've known him this dude has been acting like he is a real alpha male type of guy, which I've always found annoying
he has also instructed his teenage son to act in the same douchebag way

now that the chips are down, he's been forced to pawn pieces off of his wristwatch collection in order to make ends meet
however, all he has are cheap seikos that don't fetch much

so the other day I was at his house and he was trying to sell me a seiko superior for 150 euro (a fair price) but me, knowing his predicament, told him flat out that I wouldn't pay anything above 70 (a total jew move)
his son was present and I caught them exchanging a humiliated look when I said this, which gave me a boner

>tl;dr I get hard humiliating self-important boomers and their arrogant offspring

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