so i see a lot of people on here talking about "my life is so hard i can't find a gf or bf" all this stuff well let me tell your life is not that hard you make it hard in your own damn head like for instance i wanted a piglet right i wanted a piglet to keep as a pet and you know you can't just find a piglet anywhere they don't sell piglets at the pet store well one day i said to myself "you know what jacob if you want a piglet just get a damn piglet" so right then and there i left my house didn't even lock the front door got in my car and drove to the pet store and asked for a piglet and of course they said "sir we don't sell piglets" but i was all "listen i want a fucking piglet i'm not leaving here without a piglet" then she said "i'll check in back" so she went in the back and came back and said "i didn't see any piglets back there" so by this time i was getting heated right like real heated so i raised my voice and said "i want a goddamn piglet that's all i want just give me the damn piglet" and you know what that bitch reached under the counter and pulled out a piglet and handed it to me i was like word see if you want something you gotta go get it it won't just fall into your lap my grandpa told me that and he had a fucking piglet too god bless
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