>be me
>going to the movies with my family
>two weeks after my 18th bday, so parents aren't used to me being the man of the house yet
>go find some seats with mummy while daddy buys popcorn
>"it's assigned seating anon" I don't care, just want some alone time with my woman
>dad knows but can't say anything because lookatmeiamthealphanow.jpg
>find seats, immediately start making out with mom
>about to pull her tits out when the previews start
>can't miss those, finely-crafted cinema > boobas
>emma watson shows up in a trailer, instant boner
>whip it out and start subtly pushing mom's head down
>"anon can't we wait until we get ho--MMMMMPH"
>Dad comes back to find me facefucking mom while I watch emma
>drops the popcorn, so I send him back for more
>absolute death glare, but he does it
>probably doesn't want to watch me plow his wife's throat, anyway
>trailer ends, but I'm not balls-deep yet
>push her down even harder as the movie starts
>she keeps trying to spit out my cock, probably doesn't want to miss the opening scene
>"just a minute mom, gonna dump my load real quick"
>dad sits down beside me just as I nut
>"anon, slow down! She's gonna pass out"
>"not your cumdump, not your problem"
>"she's a human being, she's your MOTHER, blah blah blah--"
>legend in the next row shushes him
>laugh as I feed mom my jizz, then push her to the floor
>tap the legend on the shoulder
>"you're pretty based, want a cocksleeve?"
>dude gets to spend the whole movie with his dick down my mom's throat

Don't talk in the theatre, and always shush people who do. Karma will catch up with you. Also, ITT based Alpha stories.

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