>be my m8 2 years ago
>recently broke up with cunt gf
>have a girl over
>forgot to wash cock
>cheese time
>girl drags down foreskin to bj
> emberased af because its revolting amounts of cheese
>girl starts sucking and licking like a tornado
>looks up at his horrified face
>say while looking seductively into his grossed out eyes
>>washing ;)

>be me
>horny teenage chick calls me up just turned legal
>wanna fuck
>specifies not her pussy, only want me to fuck her ass
>never tried anal before so intrigued even tho she's a bit chubby
>comes over and choke. long since I've fucked
>she takes charge and starts kissing me violently after I was sperging
>starts taking off her clothes
>tell her to do it in the shower for convenience sake
>try my luck putting in her ass but no luck. didn't realise I have to use lube
>try to pry it in with my finger
>no luck
>take the finger out
>bitch forget to clean her ass. finger in brown
>brush poo on her ass cheeks
>retard bitch didn't notice I just smeared her own shit on her ass
>start violently fucking her for an hour
>tells me after she's fucked 15 guys after she turned legal, which was half a year prior...
>we live in a small ass town with under 100k inhabitants counting with small towns around the entire province...
>friend said he was coming to pick me up in a black Volvo
>go on the road towards him
>black Volvo arriving in the dark in the middle of nowhere
>he's driving around me for some reason
>tired and don't wanna fuck around
>jump in front of his car and try to force him to stop
>notice a terrified old lady as confused as me but also terrified
>5 minutes later my friend actually comes
>can smell the stank ass pussy on me
>realised I fucked up as soon as my cock started itching
>on friend basis with my female doctor and too ashamed to go to her about it even today 2-3 years later
>still have fungus on my cock from that fucking weird-ass night

have any fucked up sexual stories with not kinky but just dumb sluts?

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