guys, i think im in love

>be me
>from philadelphia
>hanging out with female friend, known this girl since middle school


>driving her around the city just showing off my car (2003 honda pilot, pic related)
>decide fuck it im gonna show her how fast this mother fucker can go
>i drive with one hand, i rest my right hand on the center console all the time,i learned from my dad (this is important)
>i take her to a straight segment of road traffic is low so fuck it
>pedal to the floor
>she gasps
>suddenly i feel something wrap around my hand super fucking tight
>its her hand
>"slow the car down anon! your going too fast"
>that voice, that sweet irish italian face
>i slow down she doesnt let go of my hand, she eases up her grip but slowly we interlock fingers


>still driving around, holding hands, im now taking her to all my favorite places
>FDR Park, the stadiums, South ST, Penns landing
>go to walmart, we both enter just to shoot shit and walk around, our hands never left eachothers company once
>we go by the fishing area, decide to take her fishing, i buy a container of night crawlers (my gear was already in my trunk)
>i drive her to my fishing spot, real secluded and somewhat of a trespass spot, i teach her how to fish while were all touchy feely for eachother
>i had a blanket laid down so we didnt have to sit in the dirt, shes sitting in my lap while i have my arms around her holding the rod


>getting late, sitting in that poistion all day, getting up now and then to either re bait or release fish
>we pack everything up, holding hands getting into the car, holding hands driving home, holding hands walking her to her door
> "i had an amazing time anon, ill call you'


>get in the door
im literally in love, i want to spend all my time with her, shes perfect, ive been with a whole lot of women and none of them made me feel as special as she has... i should of made a move but i didnt want to ruin it, what do anons???

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