>be pure consciousness, be made of light
>neither alive nor dead, united with everything
>exist in void outside of time and space
>a hebrew demon appears
>hey anon, wouldn't you like to experience material existence
>no, fuck off
>Moshe won't quit
>existence of the flesh is the shit
>experience sorrow and joy
>shows cute girls to you
>you can fuck them
>you could get really rich and famous
>it's not even permanent
>he sells you his MLM scheme
>you live the life of suffering
>chase cheap thrills, occasional sex (nothing special)
>only get to fuck crazy chicks
>mediocre, neither rich nor famous
>bored most of the time
>only child trans
>gets bullied by 4chan
>offs him/herself
>you put stupid trans name on their tombstone
>your drinking gets worse
>die of cancer in your 50s
>I never signed up to get born
>is this your signature under won't-remember-anything clause?
>you're a squirrel now
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