I wrote this up in response to an anon on /pol/, but the thread got deleted. It's probably obvious stuff, but I'm reposting it here in the hope that it helps a bro who needs it.

Q: Is it still worth trying to get laid on Tinder if I'm 5-6/10?

A: Absolutely.

1) Get great pictures. That's 90% of the game. Do some googling on what makes good Tinder pictures. Rent/buy a nice SLR camera with a lens with low depth of field to get that professional "blurred" effect. This helps a shitload, can't emphasize enough how much having high-quality pictures changes a girl's impression of you.

2) Tinder Gold is worth paying the $10 a month or whatever. Tinder is a numbers game. If you're average looking like me, you probably need 50-100 matches to get laid once. If you use boosts and have great pics, you should get 10-20 matches a week. Message *every* match you get within 24 hours and try to keep a conversation going. If they swiped right on you, they already think you're at least somewhat attractive, and they just want to know you're not a psycho. Just keep a conversation going for like 20ish messages, show that you're normal and cool, and then make a casual invite for a low-key date. (EG, "I found a cool new place to get milkshakes, want to check it out with me?")

3) The last thing which will supercharge your results to start lifting. It's optional and it will take 6-12 months to pay off. But the 12 months are going to pass regardless. If you start now, you'll be in way better shape in a year. Again, this is helpful but OPTIONAL and it won't prevent you from getting laid right now. In the meantime, get great pictures and play the numbers game.

t. Pretty average looking, have great pictures, have gotten laid a lot on Tinder

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