>be me
>3 years ago
>see suicide thread on /b/
>barely know anything of 4chan, only know people here are vulgar
>try to be funny and fit in
>call him a faggot and leave
>ffw to a week ago
>have gone through my own shit in life
>create a thread and mention my suicidal tendencies
>expect people to call me a faggot and to tell me to go through with it
>actually get supportive replies, encouraging me to share my story
>people tell me my feelings are justified, and comfort me
>never had support like this in my life
>realise everybody's gone through their own shit in life as well, many people relate
>feel like a part of a community
>feel so much better
this is why i love 4chan, people here are real and only newfags really feel the need to act a certain way. I regret the retarded shit I did when I was a newfag. Honestly you guys are better than anybody I've met in real life. The point of my previous thread wasn't even suicide, I just mentioned it. Seriously, I love you guys. To any anons struggling, you got this.
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