>Be me
>18 yo, Cuban, M
>Feeling like shit today ever since I woke up
>GF had to leave for work
>She calls from time to time to check up on me and gives me directions in what pills to take and what to do in order to feel better
>Time passes and I feel worse
>Have a terrible headache and puke
>GF arrives from work a few minutes afterwards
>"Anon, how are you feeling?" *Kisses me in the mouth and pretends to not taste the puke I guess*
>She lays in bed with me and asks me what do I wanna do.;) ;)
>She cuddles and pampers me
>We stay like that for a while and I show her some memes
>Started feeling better
>Showed her some funny 4chan thread
>She laughs
>"Hey GF, wanna check 4chan for more funny threads?"
>"Whatever you want honey"
>Feel great about it
>Start writing this post with her by my side while she caresses me

Anons, do I have the best GF in the world or what?

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