New Elliot Rodger Videos have been leaked. https://archive.org/download/elliot rodgerfoia_202103>First clip is of him talking about getting A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin. You can actually hear what his voice sounded like when he's not doing the whole "Supreme Gentleman" Act.>Second clip is of him walking a black dog towards another dog and watching them bark at each other.>Third clip is of him sticking his fingers near a couple of dogs and watching them trying to bite them.>Fourth clip is probably the most interesting, and the longest of the videos. Elliot takes a tour of Isla Vista at night. He seems to be able to use turn indicators, shocking for someone who drives a BMW. He frequently points out local people walking by as the type of people he is against. He also spergs at a couple of house parties. Elliot also puts his phone down at one point after noticing a police car. He also mentions he got a parking ticket at one point. Elliot also points out the house where he got beaten up as said in his manifesto. The route he takes on his tour might be the exact same or very similar to the route he took on the Day of Retribution.>Fifth clip is of Elliot discussing the type of guys he feels girls are attracted to. This video feels like it was supposed to be uploaded, but it seems that Elliot forgot to do so.>Sixth clip is just Elliot looking out his window for thirteen seconds.>Seventh clip is just Elliot adjusting his hair for thirty seconds.>Eighth clip is just Elliot's final retribution video. You've probably already seen it also the part that was cut off at the end in the original version is included
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