does anyone else here have the worst life in the world?

>live in the freezing fucking cold mountain shit
>i fucking HATE the cold
>house is broken down and shitty 300 years old looks so fucking depressing every day
>every time i take a shit literally the 2 minute window i sit in the bathroom my parents perfectly time it and stand outside the door and knock on the door
>every single neighbor near me has a loud as fuck barking dog
>behind my house, next to my house, in front of my house, down the road
>barking 24/7
>morning, night, day, midnight, 5 am, sunrise, sunset, every single fucking second
>we get like 30 days of summer here
>every time i go and sit in my lawn i hear fucking chains rattling and my neighbors come outside yelling making noise dogs barking
>i get like 3 sq feet in my yard of privacy because too poor for a fence so i just sit there
>life is literally prison
>we have 9 months of winter and its so fucking cold all i can smell is freezing cold arctic winds all day
>broken down shit house, lead paint, moldy walls
>dad smokes cigarettes and i try to take care of my health
>physically disabled too tired to do anything, always feel like shit, constant migraines, nausea 24/7
>live in the only place that has zero fucking rights like the middle east fucking arrested every time you leave the house everything is illegal and the jews have unlimited power

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