>Be Me
>20 yo at home for the first time in years
>Beginning of covid
>Need a new job
Kroger Cashier.jpg
>Look at the competition at the current registers
>80 plus year old tards and women
>End up not getting the job because there werent enough jobs to go around
Fast Forward
>Walk into Kroger last week
>All the old people are gone
>Apply again
>Manager tells me "covid hit pretty hard so we ended up losing some staff, we desperately need more workers"
>I start on Thursday
>Thank you covid

Honestly the amount of people dying are probably letting younger people into the work force for the first time In a long time. My immune system is pretty good so Covid will never kill me but it will for sure kill the person who's been working an entry level job for 70 years and damaging the economy

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