>Be me 24
>Have milf divorced aunt
>Have sexual attraction to her since I was 12
>She looks like a shorter lisa ann, smaller tits and ass
>She’s in her 50’s but looks late 30’s
>She goes to the gym all the time
>Move from Colombia to USA
>She’s very affectionate and messages me some times
>Turns me on when she messages me.
>She doesn’t know I want to 69 her
>She even messages me with questions about crypto, since I invest in it.
>I dream about her naked
>I can’t cum to anyone but my blood related aunt. Fml
> I wish I made a move during vacation while she was using her sexy bikinis and booty shorts.

How do I groom my milf aunty so when I see her again I can finally bust a load into her pussy?

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