At first I was a Chuck
I would suck and fuck
The woodchuck ran amok
And I was out of luck
But then in a moment of pluck
In my head lightning struck
And thus it stuck
I went and bought a pickup truck
And got a duck
The hens go cluck
Just walked up and spent a couple bucks
To rough up this yucky muck
I went and snuck into the ruck
Ready to shuck it to the shmucks
In I tucked, prepared to huck
It and then shouted out with glee

Ho ho I’m Sneed
I feed and seed
There’s no need to go and proofread
Donald will not concede
I’ve got all my speed to weed
And I have decreed to exceed
Yes Indeed,
I feed and seed

Poo poo pee pee
I feed and seed
As long as knee-groes cannot breathe
You know I’ve agreed to knead
I’ve succeeded in my creed
And you have bleeded in your greed
You must take heed
The guaranteed

Oh no not me
For I feed and seed
As long as I do remain freed
You know that I will breed
We’ve got all the memes to see
You’ve all got to plead to lead
The Feed the seed
Let us proceed

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