>be me
>year 2040
>be 23 year old kissless virgin
>chads having sex 10 times a day with 20 different roasties
>decide to do something about it
>self-improve, work hard, workout
>be the best I can be
>become billionaire in a year
>go to the local bakery shop of my hometown where a landwhale works
>walk in and can smell her yeast infected sweat filled oozing ass from the entrance
>she tries to turn towards me and almost falls due to her extreme weight
>finally makes it to the counter
>look her in the face and have to quickly meditate to not throw up and keep my composure
>her face looks like a melted muffin that has had make up applied with a shotgun
>work up the courage and ask her out
>looks at me with disgust and says “sorry anon I don’t date guys who are under 6ft”
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