Pimp work for /b/tard
Can a bitard become a pimp?
Obviously, it will be difficult for him to compete with ordinary pimps, but there are non-standard ideas.
1. Cosplay brothel.
Whores in costumes of anime characters and maids. You can hire real cosplayers, preferably Asian women.
2. Gyaru brothel.
Whores are real Japanese gyaru, you can replace them with Korean and Chinese counterparts.
3. Trap brothel.
Transvestites, preferably Thai, they are the most branded.
4. Military brothel.
Whores in the costumes of enemies. ISIS terrorists, suicide bombers, chador Afghan Taliban women, etc. For veterans of the Second World War, who have not yet become ill with impotence, there is a special service - a blue-eyed blonde Aryan from the SS in full dress. A small discount for war veterans and pensioners.
5. Bodmod Brothel
Girls with piercings, tattoos, tongue splits, etc.
6. Ship brothel
You charter or buy a small ship to accommodate a few ordinary whores. Flag, preferably some Panamanian or Cypriot flag, so as not to be in the jurisdiction of your country. You go out on it from the territorial waters. Ships full of lustful sailors will sail to you. You can work on the fishing season in those places where there are many fishing trawlers. You will become the world's first sea pimp.
7. Men's brothel
You hire alphas and chads, they will fuck old women and ugly women for money. It is possible to invite Japanese male hosts and Keypop Koreans to work.
8. Gay brothel
As usual, only with guys.
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