/PXL/ PixelCanvas.io Join the 41% Edition.

ITT, we vandalize disgusting tranny filth on a digital adult coloring book. We're winning, /b/. Our numbers are greater, Kek is on our side, and we do it for the lulz. Bans and reverted pixels happen, and that is why manualfags are based and redpilled. /b/ros WILL lose morale if we’re not careful, but this IS /b/. /b/ laughs in the face of psychological warfare. Always ignore bait, shills, cointelpro, and retarded niggers. Let troons seethe and mass reply if you must.

Spread the colors
>Diamond https://pixelcanvas.io/@139465,-22881
>Sylveon https://pixelcanvas.io/@139895,-22685
>YWNBAW https://pixelcanvas.io/@139371,-21551
Don't try to touch pre-existing art. You'll get hit with a 10 minute cooldown. Hit white pixels. Some art has white within it.

Defend Our Territory
>Progress https://pixelcanvas.io/@139819,-22570
>Steven Territories https://pixelcanvas.io/@-1100,-600
>Headqarters https://pixelcanvas.io/@1800,1000

Look out for a shitty Divide & Conquer campaign involving /PixelFrance/. ~6 of the blackest retard gorilla niggers you’ll ever see are shitting up /PXL/. They bait anons to waste cooldowns, samefag, use "bootlicker" unironically, and false flag against Frenchbros. Their bait consists of gay porn, shitty edits, and extreme mental retardation, even for /b/. However, we have a final solution to the Anti-French Falseflaggot Problem. Trannies will COPE, SEETHE, DILATE, and ROPE if we pull it off.

>Vote in the WEEKLY poll at https://www.strawpoll.me/42872323
>Use burner Discord accounts to thwart false flag attacks.
>Work the top projects on the poll.
>Make a new, updated poll every Monday afternoon. If not, copy link from previous thread.
>Moralize /b/ros and demoralize troons. Tout our superior manpower.
>Save this general to your HDD. Post it non-stop.

Remember lads:

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