>be me
>depressed for about the past 5 years
>wake up every day feeling unrefreshed and sad
>never bothered to try and change my life, apart from a lame ass attempt at exercise starting this year
>have a dream last night
>i'm in a shop
>there's a woman with me
>don't remember any specifics about her, but she helps me pick out a lot of women's clothes, i distinctly remember choosing a long dress out though
>because dreams aren't realistic I suddenly am shorter and have long hair, i have in the past not liked my height and have wanted longer hair
>when I am fully dressed up, I walk with the woman out onto the street, suddenly feel happy and she hugs me, i hug back
>wake up after that and feel genuinely fulfilled for a while
>been coming back to think about this dream all day

what is happening to me bros what does it all mean

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