>go to gun range
>move target to 50 yards
>walk behind firing line
>RO Announces range is hot
>rip off my pants with Herculean strength
>bend over at a power 137° angle aiming at the target
>punch my small intestine repeatedly with my fists like a gorilla does his chest
>one after another acidic shits splatter across the room piercing the target
>the smell is so putrid it causes the other patrons to projectile vomit
>I keep punishing my body to perform excellence
>my weapon jams
>pry musket ram rod off display
>shove it fifteen inches deep to fix the clog
>feel my innerds shift and mangle
>finally ready to fire
>leave the ram rod in and prepare to fire
>with the power of the God's I force my gastrointestinal track to push it out
>ram rod flies across the range and pierces the wall obliterating my target
>stand up and look at my glorious creation
>take a deep whiff of the smell of success
>leave with my shit coated pants around my ankles
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