As if I can't imagine myself at rock bottom any further, here I am, a year later, paralyzed by disappointment, a slave to sin, and betrayed by my friends who made lives of themselves by the independence they gained from this virus.
"We're all in this together" is bullshit. The world is in it together in being alone, never for others.
I can't believe a degenerate atheist like Nietzsche was correct about something, but when God is dead in a society like the one we live in, we created our own; the government. The demons of the unseen world, the Jews, the chosen people, as they're called, have become the dictators of events for ages, and it's never been so much more transparent and aware than that of last year. People worship countries, flags, and money as idols like in ancient times, yet call ideas and teachings of morality "outdated".
I find comfort in the Truth, even when it hurts me or others, because it will never betray me. It is good because it is the Truth, not up to interpretation by others, as some in this world may think it is.
My wealth is gone, all by the idiotic decisions of myself, and my lack of willpower and connection to God. Yet, I understand why people cling to the things they create as a "god" in; because you don't need faith to believe that those things will help you, because their immediate gratification is present.
It's like telling yourself that, what the harpies of social media might say, "you should love yourself". Tell yourself that you matter, that you're great. Congrats. What does that do for you? In fact, what does it matter if other people tell you that you matter? They don't know the real you. They don't know the personal sins you struggle with, they don't know the face you show yourself, and they don't know the thoughts you have that can't be comprehended into words, whether they be of sadness, anger, happiness, or other emotions that may activate in inappropriate situations.
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