Fuck this woke bullshit. Working in the office isn't fun anymore.

My Director is jew and he was based as fuck. Before the woke bs we used to fuck around.
When our work colleagues forgot to lock their computers we used to change their wallpapers to dick pix. At one point the HR lady wasn't in and our jewish director left his his computer unlocked. It was a golden opportunity. We changed our Director's wallpaper to a dick pic.

When he came back he went on an absolute fit. He chimped out. Best keks I've ever had. He couldn't discipline us because the HR lady wasn't in. We played 4d chess on the faggot. After he calmed down he admitted that shit was funny and he learned his lesson.

Fast forward 1 year later. HR lady retired. We got our self some cute young girl in her late 20s to replace her. Little did me know she was a woke fag. She was not amused by our dick pix culture.

Ever since she came she office has been boring.

I left the company 2 years ago. I now work for an FSTE 100 company. Little did I know how woke our director was. Speaking to the employees it turns out we had similar stories. The director was pretty cool until she turned woke.

wokeness has ruined office work for me. The good times are over. Feel sorry for the new fags.

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