My friends always call me evil, and my granda also did when I was a kid. What do you think?

>be me
>be Reddit troll faggot (this was a while ago)
>tried to drive someone to suicide because they were annoying and I made them self harm (I didn't do latter on purpose though, but I didn't care)
>nuked Discord server because I felt like it was justified because it was based on my subreddit. I didn't care how hard they worked on it, I was just too mad
>made people argue because I found it funny
>made someone cut themselves because they thought I did something that I didn't, and instead of telling them it was a joke before they cut themselves, i just let the joke continue (I did eventually tell them, but by then it didn't matter)
>probably did other shit I don't remember

Why my grandma thought I was evil:
>be me
>be 12-15
>always making her mad because I found her reaction funny
>manipulated my mom and grandma into thinking I felt sorry for things so I wouldn't get in trouble (this was also done when I was much younger too)
>sometimes I'd make them cry (not intentionally) and wouldn't feel bad, but I never meant to make them cry, just mad

Look, I know I'm not a good person, but what would qualify as "evil?" What could I do to change?

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