>Be me
>Live in North Alaska.
>Get mail once a month from a Cessna that sounds like it's going to fall out of the sky anyday now.
>Constant cold but toptier air quality.
>No city smells only the frozen tundra nature.
>Aurora nearly every night, Gets old fast.
>Hunt elk and fish for food.
>Know how not to fuck it up and actually tastes nice.
>Almost certain there's a Skinwalker or some other fucking demon thing in the Arctic rockies trying to kill me and the other people I live near.
>Shitbag natives who live here constantly complain about "Muh stolen land" Fuck you it's mine, You Eskimo Niggers.
>Don't pay taxes since the IRS doesn't bother spending more money to collect the taxes than the amount they'd get from my unpaid Taxes.
>Forced to make fresh water by boiling fresh snow and if lucky, Ice
>Internet is actually decent.
>Have to buy gas for generator so I still have power.
>Have own Doomsday bunker for if everything goes tits up.
>No phone but still have laptop I leave in the boiler room, wrapped in a blanket, so it doesn't freeze and break apart when no one is home.
Where do you live /b/?
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