ITT: strange things that have happened to you:
>be me. At Ruby Tuesday’s with family. Church crowd, so real busy waiting for a seat
>white trash family shows up, middle aged women with tiny boy and girl
>can’t tell if women is their mother or grandma, looks like she aged terribly prob from bad genes/smoking/drinking
>young girl dressed very trashy, too much make up, wearing loose shirt, could tell no bra, tight jeans. Was no older than 12
>boy was most normal looking it still hill billy
>look at girl on confusion, couldn’t believe any would allow a girl to dress like that in public
>she notices me looking, had a big amused look in her face, def getting the wrong idea, but didn’t think that she thought I was checking her out cause of age
>we sit, they are seated after us, about two tables away
>I think nothing of any thing, too focused on eating
>go to bathroom, when I’m don’t the girl is out side waiting for me
>she makes sure she is noticed, has herself in a position to where I can’t walk past her, I was in a huge stare of confusion
>”hey, I noticed that you were looking at me, and I liked it”
>I was in a freeze state, didn’t know what to say, my brain was still trying to process that this is happening
>she hands me a note “I hope this isn’t the last time I see you”
>I take the note, she walks away confidently
>I look at the note, it has her name and number with a heart drawn by it
>I quickly put it in my pocket, my face is so red the cool aid guy would be ashamed
>I sit down with my family, looks like I’m sweating bullets
>family notices how I look, they ask and I respond that I just feel hot from the food
>I still couldn’t believe that this just happened.
>the trashy family leaves before us, and the girl gives me one last look with a smile
>this happened two days ago and for some reason I still have the note
I’m ashamed that I haven’t thrown it away and of course I have no plan on calling. I am still baffled of what happened.
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