>t. housekeeping at an old people home
>residents are still mostly coherent, even made some friends
>most of the staff just cannot be fucked to work
>big boss is a genuinely hard worker but frankly you cant lead those who dont want to be lead
>housekeeping supervisor quit because of the bullshit
>only other housekeeper besides me doesnt even show up half the time
>just got to work, nobody has so much as checked on the residents
>shit smeared fucking everywhere
>always have to spend 2 hours in the morning reassembling my cart being these assholes keep stealing my equipment
>pretty much on my own every day
The pay's okay, the hours are meh, but this is ridiculous.
I've got my gubment money coming in that'll hold me off for a while until I could find something else.
Should I just bail? Hell, the state/health department are on the verge of shutting this place down.

Pic unrelated, just good music

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