Let’s try again edition
This thread is for the discussion of Australian specific fitness and dietary information.
>What’s for dinner/lunch?
>What are we lifting today?
>Are gyms open in your area/state?
>Will i ever get a gym membership?
>What are your PR’s
>What music are you listening to whilst working out, and why is it Slim Dusty?

>Why does Australia get its own general?
Because we need our own containment thread for the sake of the rest of the board, and it’s important to be able to discuss local gyms and australian foods and supplements that are available. Also the rest of the board is coomer bait threads, WEAR THE MASK CHUDCEL, I VOTED BIDEN. and various other low effort /b/tier “Why did he do it bros” off topic threads.
>You are not on topic
Yes we are, we are the only thread on this board that actually discusses fitness

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