Begging thread.

I know I'll probably get bullied or even worse. But I have nothing else to do.
Waiting for a pricy divorce. Being the beta that I am I took a lot of loans for my abusive and cheating wife. Left her after being beaten up by her to the point that I had to get stitches on my eyebrow.

I left but the debt is huge (around 47K USD)
I am behind on my payments, I'm about to loose my apartment. I have to pay 3151,44 PLN while earning only 3800PLN per month. Lost my job, had to grab another one fast, working a second one as well.
Still not enough. My parents are helping me out so that I don't starve so I do have food on my table but the debts are giving me nightmares.

I am aware that all that is my fault so no matter what you tell me, It won't hurt any more that it already does.

I just need to have a few days of peaceful sleep to recharge my batteries as they are about to run out.

Anything helps:

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