There's no debate.

White women choose black men because they're more masculine, smooth and better in bed. It's that simple.

No, I'm not black. I'm a sexlife-less white man who has grudgingly accepted that black men are the superior mate these days for white women.

Our great grandfathers had it right - hang 'em if they even whistle at a white woman. Without that power, and without miscegenation laws - Negroes will claim the cream of the crop.

They will breed our women, fill them with hot, African cum .. and we're utterly powerless to stop it.

The white race will not be destroyed by bullets or swords like so many tried before .. no ...

We'll be destroyed by the long, hard, black shaft of superior African dick impregnating our women. The lowest race will annihilate the master race through interracial BREEDING.

We're literally being fucked out of existence and there's not a fucking thing we can do about it.

It's over.

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