>be in bed
>it is very smelly
>my boyfriend looks disgusted
>i laugh and tell him to smell it closer
>he says no
>wrap my legs around his neck
>pull him down and choke him out like they do in ufc
>he passes out
>pull my panties down and sit on his face
>grind my pussy on his nose
>uhhhh oohhh uhh ohhhh ohh OHHHH
>end up egging all over his face
>he still sleeps
>start rubbing his dick
>suck on his balls
>give him head until he cums
>don't swallow
>spit it onto his face
>he still doesn't wake up
>tell him im bored and im going home
>get a call later
>he is dead
apparently he died from suffocation probably when i was trying to make him smell my fart, i was so scared to fart in front of him out of embarrassment but we finally got past that barrier and it was all a waste of time *sigh* i guess this is why girls do not feel comfortable farting in front of boys
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