Okay, I'm not conservative nor check any of those other boxes you might think I check besides mental illness, in/vol-celdom, and loneliness which is 110% true with the extra 10% resulting from hypothetical scnerios where "even if the pandemic hadn't happened" and "something something anxiety and depression". Besides what I specify here, my beliefs about the virus are pretty normal for a major city dweller.

But you know the pandemic is never going to end, right? The virus will keep coming back. Scientists are saying as much. We will have a permanent, recurring pandemic that kills many more people than the flu.

Pharmaceutical companies don't "cure" or eradicate; instead they will throw around shitty discomforting words like "the new normal" until their forced meme becomes accepted so they can keep people paying regularly and not risk putting their one-shot research out in the open, as they are legally required to so someone else can take the glory. The powers that won out and profited will want to keep this structure.

Even some of the famous and lesser-but-still-rich have had their career affected, bringing them ever so slightly more in line with the rest of us. Which is good news for multibillionares up top; they garner power the same way authoritarian communist countries (so said since I don't want make this about socialism) like DPRK or the former USSR maintain power; relativity. Keeping everyone down but themselves. You are naive if you think they are not and will not be manipulating this to their advantage. The power is too tempting to not keep the regulations in place, to not bribe politicians and keep things as they are now.

With the "new normal', social gatherings will die making us more vulnerable ro the powers that be. It is the perfect echosystem for authoritarianism to prosper. Masks, distancing, banned drinking fountains, panic buying, etc etc will continue to fester.

I dare you prove otherwise.

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