>Chinese soldiers have been an invasion force in America for 2 years. They arrived in your town 2 weeks ago, so you and a few neighbors start a resistance force. You ran out of ammo 3 days ago. Food has been scarce for month since the chinks cut off the supply lines, so you and your family lost about 20 pounds each. Speaking of your family, they're all dead. They died 2 weeks ago during the airstrikes. The chink soldiers are now outside your house, and you are hiding in the attic. You have nothing but a hunting knife to defend yourself with. You hear the chink soldiers ransacking your house. Just as the attic entrance begins to open, you notice an old portrait of your great grandfather on the wall, dressed in his WW2 uniform. You think to yourself, "at least I'm not speaking German right now". Just as the Chinese soldiers barge in, you jump to attention, salute your grandfather's portrait and verbally scream "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE"! You are then blown away by several QBZ-95's.
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