My mom has watched too many movie

>me, 16 yo american living in a place w a lot of military bases, known this girl since kindergarten
>She's super fucking smart
>Like really fucking smart
>Insanely good at english
>actually pro at every class but really really fucking good at english
>got bumped up a grade or two when we were in 1st grade, then disappeared for abt 9 years
>russian immigrant, her accent used to be pretty strong but it's completely gone now
>psychology god. she's 16, basically finished with the class already and the 4th quarter just began
>very secretive family. afaik none of them really hang out w other people

my mom is incredibly superstitious abt things and i'm the exact opposite. she thinks this girl is a russian spy. i'm saying no way. so i'm gonna ask what's clearly the most intellectual place on the internet.

what do you think, anons?

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