Whenever I see a hapa they usually look totally white to me, am I a hapa myself and I was just told all my life that I was white? My dad is a Jewish convert to Christianity(or his ancestors converted), me and my mom have squinty eyes that could be mistaken for hooded eyes, my mom's maiden name is "Lee", my mom has black hair, I remember in my early childhood my mom would take me and my siblings to visit Asian households, although I don't remember if they where family or friends or family friends or whatever, there are Buddhist/"oriental" figures and decorations in and around my house. All my siblings are dating Asians and they aren't seen as interracial relationships in my household.
From my Jewish father to my supposedly self-loathing mother I'm starting to sound like a walking hapa stereotype although, the only piece of counter evidence is my mom took a DNA test and she was 100% white according to the test, although I don't know how easy it is to fake these tests nor do I know why my mother would wan't to fake the test and lie to me.
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