Hey /b/

I have an auditory processing disorder. I'm no scientist so all I can really explain is that I hear sounds at weird volumes. Currently sitting in my apartment I can hear my neighbors cat eating, more clearly than I can hear my dishwasher going(1). I'm hearing a cat eating through brick walls "louder"(2) than I can hear something in the next room.

When I was a kid I wore earmuffs in the classroom (yeah I was that kid you went to early school with)
I think I could hone this ability, like a superpower.
I'm going to try listening to different things like dropping a coin, dropping a key and dropping a nail to try and train my brain to tell the difference.

What are some other things I could practically use? Maybe I could become some sort of detective.
Help me harness my autism /b/oys

>pic semi-related, I think the purpose of the earmuffs is to protect the kid's hearing, but its pretty accurate to what I looked like.

1; can confirm I am hearing my neighbors cat eating, and not just some random scratching or my brain hearing something in white noise that isnt there. she gets fed at the same time every day and I have taken care of this cat while the owner was away, so I am already familiar with the sound.
2; Its not actually louder in volume to me, my brain just picks out sounds randomly and they become much more dominating for attention.

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