I was in this building and there was only one way out and it said “door locks automatically no re entry” as soon as I passed through the door it slammed and locked and I was forced to wear a mask. It was a LONG hallway with doors on each side and the TD Bank logo with room numbers so it said like TD 202, etc. there were people going in and out of these rooms all the way down like criss crossing each other. I wasn’t allowed in any of the rooms and there was a recording playing all the down the hall saying in Joe Biden’s voice “the vaccine is mandatory you can not leave without it” over and over and over again.

I get to the end of the hallway and they stick me with a needle and take my phone and give me a different phone. I walk outside and it felt so different and I said I never been here before. The sun was shining but it was FREEZING and I look over at the sun and it’s a side profile of Joe Biden!!! I’m like even the sun is fake now..... joe Biden comes through again some speaker somewhere outside and says “welcome to the new world where the vaccines are mandatory and this is how life is going to be from now” (he said other things too but I forget now)

I woke up and I feel like I experienced something on a spiritual level you don’t understand. I’m freaked out

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