So here's what schools wont tell you
>Communist atheist jews (no not all jews) attempted to enact a Soviet style revolution in Germany in November of 1918. Vommunists actually established (albeit short lived) Soviet governments throughout germany immediately following WW1
>The Soviet destruction of Ukraine pushed Germans to Hitler
>Germany rebukes war depts. Breaks with Rothschild international banking system. This is what pissed everyone off.
>Poland expelled ethnic Germans from the Polish Corridor. Polish terrorists blew up a German train headed to Danzig. Poland refused to allie itself with Germany against communism
>Germany then invaded poland. Germany invaded the land previously held by Germany before WW1 and to avoid war with USSR, agreed to allow the Soviets to take the polish land Russia owned before WW1
>Britain declared war on Germany. Germany did not initiate war for months. Britain would not stand down.
>Britain attempts to pressure Norway to oppose Germany. Norway had previously rejected a non-agression pact with Germany in 39. Britain sought to keep Germany out of the North Sea by involving Denmark and Norway within the war. Norway was not interested. Britain planned to invade Norway and forcibly enter them into the war. Britain prepared to mine the Norwegian coasts. Germany seized the initiative and took Norway first
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