Another Defi pancake play that's ready to take off later this week I think. Just got listed by UniRocket, CMC and GC will come next. Also a new Dev was just added to the project.

StakeToken: New Static Distribution/Fixed Burn Token. Completely decentralized and autonomous. Tokens are automatically distributed to your wallet as you hold.

Still super early and ridiculously low priced, 200 bucks now would make you a whale wallet holder. This is only about 4 days old, CMC and CG listings coming this week and when they do it's gonna take off.

-Low M.cap
-25000000000000 tokens max per TX
-Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
-Burn: 50%
-PancakeSwap: 50%

-Un-Ruggable, Ownership of token transferred to the burn address

-There is a 5% tax on every transaction: 3% is locked in liquidity 2% is distributed to Stake holders


Imagine being the guys that threw a 100 bucks at HOGE or SafeMoon in the first couple days. If you missed those rockets and are looking for the next big thing then this is your chance.

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