who else has well-intentioned chad friend who keeps telling you it's all about "personality" and not looks? dude is charming yes but he'll invite me to parties and he literally has girls come up to him he just met and start touching up on him and complimenting him. He tries so fucking hard to wingman me but girls will just ignore me and move the conversation back onto him. Hes gotten pretty frustrated about this and literally kicked out girls over it, and even fought guys who were making fun of me. It just angers him that even with his persuasion, charm, and good looks he still can't get me laid. I feel like a disappointment to him. Other than still being a virgin, I've experienced alot of crazy nights and cool shit that happened, usually when women weren't involved and it was me him and his college bros. I feel incredibly lucky. I don't know what he sees in me.
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