Anyone else had a doctor that infuriated them?

>be me
>late teens to late 20s anon
>dont have dad's side of the family medical history because he may as well have been black and wasnt there
>literally any fucking issue i ever have the doctor says the same shit
>hey doc, my toe hurts
>"oh its probably a thyroid issue lets do some bloodwork
>get blood drawn and sent to lab
results inconclusive
>hey doc i have a soar throat
>"might be a thyroid thing anon lets do some bloodwork"
results inconslusive
>"Doctor my fucking leg is purple and swollen
>"never know anon might have something to do with your thyroid....."

like i get it theyre covering their ass due to a lack of my medical history but jfc its like theyre a fucking vampire. Why is it i can never go to the doctor without having bloodwork???

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