>be me (circa 2016)
>find a little game called "league of legends"
>get addicted for the next 4 and a half years
>play league competitively
>want to get professional
>no other skills anyway
>say fuck it, might as well test my luck
>sign up for a super prestigious team
>apparently i'm good enough to be let in
>start playing
>a bunch of toxic fags but idc
>carrying every game (i play adc)
>eventually start going to local championships
>we win 9/10 times
>eventually hear about a super kitted out esports arena that redbull sponsor called The Moon on the other side of the country
>invitational championships
>our team is invited
>they will pay for our food, accommodation, etc.
>there will be celebrity commentators and other shit
>as well as a team composed entirely of big names who don't actually know how to play (for shits and giggles, mainly)
>mfw they're gonna fly me to The Moon
>mfw i'm gonna play among the stars
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