She struggled so mightily to keep it in because, after all, she was going to be giving a very important speech very soon. Everybody in attendance was eagerly waiting to hear from her, and who could blame them? She was always such a great keynote speaker after all. Sadly, something very stinky was wafting through the air and she was indeed the culprit. Nobody wanted to mention it for fear of embarrassing her since casually stinking up the event for the past hour wasn’t very becoming of a lady such as herself. Alas, the SPICY ramen challenge had left her bowels entirely compromised, and her supple anal hole burnt with the incessant tingle of 1,000 degree anxiety, for she was most certainly in need of a high-octane bowel movement the likes of which no one had ever undertaken nor required in this century or any other.

But she gritted her teeth and promised herself she wouldn’t...Uh-oh! Here it comes. It WILL NOT BE DENIED!! No! Not during the photo session! I can’t possibly—BRAPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTPLPLPLPLSPUHLATTTTT!!!!!

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