Incest stories
I was always shy around sex and didn’t lose my virginity until I was 23. My biggest fear was someone thinking my manhood was small as it’s only 5 inches when erect. As a teen I would often sneak into my mothers room and borrow a pair of panties to masturbate into. Would always make sure I never cum in them though but as a horny teen they was always pre-cum left over and I would put them back in her drawer when I was done. The biggest thrill is got was nearly getting caught wearing them. One day my mother went to the shop and I thought I would have time to slip into a pair of her panties and masturbate. Just as I was rubbing myself I noticed the car pull up. I was wearing nothing but a pair of my mothers white panties as she approached the house. I quickly had to run to my mothers room where I left my clothes to put my trousers on but didn’t have time to remove the panties so had to wear them for the rest of the day hoping my mom wouldn’t notice the panty line. Needles to say I also couldn’t get rid of my erection.
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