I did it /b/, I cracked the code. Ended have the times of being treated as shit and worse by women. I made a post like a couple days ago about how I rejected every girl since 6th grade.
This is all you need:
>Job which pays you average salary (An actual job not a fucking youtuber or twitch streamer)
>average education
>Interests, I for example told every girl That I was in the British Army Cadet force and that I was a sergeant when I left, because I was. Also told them I liked airsoft, DO NOT SAY THAT YOU LIKE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET, However if she asks you for social media just give your number say you dont use it,
> Know some facts about a atleast semi interesting topic, e.g. physics, biology, history ect. not fucking pokemons.
>have average looks, be 18.5—24.9 and try your best to look as small as possible by the stomach and try to enlarge your arms by the biceps and shoulders, this gives you the male silhouette.
>THE MOST IMPORTANT PART AND THE PART I DISCOVERED: Be patient, and wait for the pray, if you seem interesting then she will ask you out, say no, you want to be the first to humiliate, its either you or her that gets their self esteem shattered, do that until females either see you as impossible to get or are willing to be in a one sided relationship, the rest will be your option.
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