best middle/junior school stories? i’ll start

>be me
>middle school
>new to the school, don’t know anyone
>i’m like a 6/10 at best
>see absolutely weirdo but qt3.14 9/10 sitting alone at recess
>go up to talk to her
>hold back spaghetti
>ask her why she’s sitting by herself instead of with everyone else
>”you wouldn’t get it, everyone else thinks i’m weird and a freak”
>tell her i think she’s really pretty
>she smiles
>i put my hand on her thigh
>she puts her hand on mind and moves it up
>i am diamonds
>”hey, come with me. i know a private place”
>i follow her through a fucking labrynth of storage rooms and unused buildings
>takes me to a secluded spot still outside but covered by fences so it’s cool
>we start making out
>interrupted by some fucking sperglord nerd who followed us i guess
>reports me to his class teacher
>eventually school figured out that i’m not actually a qualified substitute teacher
>am promptly arrested

would do it again though

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