am i a cuck?
i have been thinking and i'm pushing my wife towards some kinks that look a lot like cuckoldry, but i wouldn't call myself a cuck
i love showing off her pics, knowing a lot of people have seen her tits and cunt and even pics of her face and her sucking my dick
i love it when other guys see her tits irl, so i try to make her wear more provocative clothing, mostly showing off her big tits, i even bought her a very revealing swimsuit for this holiday vacations
i would love for her to show them off, say to a bus driver while in the highway or flash them in a concert or club, i'd love even more for her to show them discretely to some guy we've never met
i'd love to have people watching us fuck in person and to some extent for them to even participate
i'd love to see some strangers grabbing her ass or her tits, and maybe even her jerking them off or sucking a cock if it's a nice one
but i would hate for her to do it if i'm not around or i easn't participating in the act, i would hate for a guy to touch her cunt or get any near to fuck her, i'd hate for her to do this on her own and for some reason i would hate more if she did something completely innocent like dancing with another guy or cooking for him
so, is this being a cuck or is this something different?
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