living in the cold and poor areas is literal hell

>7 months of winter
>everything is dark grey depressing as shit
>you get literally 3-4 months out of the YEAR you can go outside
>literally get a prison sentence every month
>every person is miserable everyone is more of an ass hole more cracker shit
>nothing fun to do
>theres barely a point in getting shit like motorcycles, nice cars, 4 wheelers, becuase its just fucking winter all year long
>barely get any fresh air
>cant even open a window
>7 months without summer

>sunny every day
>everyones happy
>everyone gets to be active, happy, go outside, get some sun, breathe fresh air
>see nature all year round and sunshine
>get to sit out by the pool and go do shit with friends
>never locked inside for 6 months at a time from the cold
>every day you wake up to sunshine and nice weather
>palm trees
>people are less of stuck up cunts and theres less bullshit rules becuase everyones happier
>everyone is healthier
>can grow fruit and shit out in your backyard and eat healthy

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